Financial Services Sector

NBGI Ventures
Book-keeping, accounting, tax advisory, reporting and payroll services in a number of SPVs of NBGI VENTURES and NBG PRIVATE EQUITY (National Bank of Greece Group) (2005-2009) having led to series of acquisitions such as "DODONI ICECREAMS LTD", "AKTO GRAPHICS AND DESIGN SCHOOL LTD".
bms insurance and reinsurance brokers
Specialized tax services for an Insurance & Reinsurance Brokers company.
Valuation project of the Insurance Cooperative Brokers General Pan-Hellenic SYN.PE as at 31/12/2008, with the use of the innovative tool iKO-400. The market share in which the General Pan-Hellenic is adressed is exclusively holders of tourist buses. Annual turnover of around 4 million Euros and market share in domestic meet 50%.
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