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Marbles Sector

  • Undertaking new project of specialized accounting services, preparation of interim and annual reports according to the provisions of Presidential Decree 350/1985 for the company MERMERN KOMBINAT A.D. PRILEP, participation of NBGI PRIVATE EQUITY. The company which has a GDR issue listed on the Athens Stock Exchange is a world leader in the production of white marble and is based in Prilep Skopje. The annual turnover is around 15 million Euros and profit before taxes of around 3 million Euros.
vasily marmor elith
michelakis marble s.a.
lazaridis marmor
FHL kiriakidis group
fillipides marbles of thasos
  • Consulting services on accounting, tax and company's act issues (due diligence and involvement in negotiations) for the acquisition in Greece and abroad (FYROM, Romania) by Greek companies
  • Consulting services for companies' financing requests & presentations
  • Market research in local level in countries of Middle East, N. Africa, S.E. Asia and China
  • International business & export-import consulting (tax advisory included) in countries of Middle East, N. Africa, and S.E. Asia & China until final signing of contracts
  • Accounting services
  • Cost accounting design and audit
You are here: case studies Marbles Sector