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Our fees are based on the time spent and the level of personnel assigned. Because the time spent may vary considerably depending on the complexities involved for each task required, it is difficult to give you the exact and actual fee.

  • there is an option on hourly charge according to level of personnel assigned and in such a case you first approve and then we start working. At the end you also get a detailed time log together with the invoice.
  • there is also the option us to budget the workload required for your Company on an average basis for all monthly and y/e tasks for all subjects required namely book-keeping, tax compliance, corporate law, payroll and associated filling tasks, all electronically submitted and to come to monthly fee for all tasks required. This option is not strictly fair according to time consumed but the advantage is that our Company is in full readiness each and every day on an ongoing-basis for all tasks mutually agreed.

Internal Hierarchy (Levels) of our Associates

  • Tax Partner
  • Tax Manager
  • Tax Assistant Manager
  • Book-keeping / Accountants
  • Secretary work / outside
You are here: company fees