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module iKO-300 business plans preparation

business plans preparation

Developed to quickly deliver business plans of all types of enterprises and mainly industrial enterprises with big number of finished goods categorized in many product mixes, with a plethora of materials, in different production units with many phases and sub-phases; supports different types of industrialization. Time frame according to choice from 1 to 5 years and financial accounts can be produced under NGAAP or IAS/IFRS, interlinked if needed with other iKO modules, such as iKO-100 and iKO-200. Includes many spreadsheets with full and detailed documentation for all necessary data group of the main assumptions, in quantity and value, such as capital investment, labor organization, energy organization and consumption, BOMs, production capacity, production and sales program, finance, etc as well as many spreadsheets for the production worksheets such as production cost of each finished good, grouped in desired mode, split in cost of materials and cost of expenses, full inventory trial balance, full set of financial accounts balanced and reconciled with inventory trial balance and the y/e financial accounts documentation from module iKO-100 and iKO-200 (expense allocation tables and keys, fixed asset registrar and depreciation / amortization, etc) for each year estimated.

What is achieved using iKO-300:

  • in full and detailed documentation of the business plan
  • real results based in actual costing depending the costing method, and not based on mere % of gross or net profit or other % or comparative benchmarks, since actual costing is performed for each single finished good for all participating goods and therefore the business plan actually depict the specific, actual case / business organization under examination and not a comparative or general case
  • dynamic environment of the model in such a way that the valid applicable tax law assumptions and options (i.e. range of depreciation rates, employees' lay-off and exit leave compensations, non movable or out-of –market goods y/e valuation, etc), accounting assumptions and options (i.e. estimates and their variations, amortization rates of intangible fixed assets, etc) and most importantly investment assumptions and options alone or in combinations, can be easily shown and alter the y/e financial result, tax burden and financial ratios and benchmarks, always having balanced financial accounts and in full and detailed documentation of each account
  • minimization of numerical errors or errors in accounting and tax assumptions
  • quick time response to adjust the proposed business organization assumptions and options according to dynamic modeling results in such a way that maximum efficiency and desired IRR or NPV or other benchmarks are met according to needs, plans, and restrictions
You are here: innovative tools module iKO-300