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module iKO-400 business valuations

business valuations

Developed to assist, prepare and deliver quickly company valuations using the most efficient and up-to date valuation methods, i.e. discounted free cash flows, stock indices, capitalized profits, etc.

What is achieved using iKO-400:

  • detailed documentation of the valuation report
  • dynamic modeling in such a way that all possible investment, accounting and tax assumptions and options, alone or in combinations, can be easily shown and alter the y/e financial result, tax burden and financial ratios and benchmarks, always having balanced financial accounts and in full and detailed documentation and thus the company's valuation
  • minimization of numerical errors or errors in accounting and tax assumptions
  • possibility of link between data produced and data from the various spreadsheets and modules of iKO-300 business plans for feeding data in iKO-400
You are here: innovative tools module iKO-400