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Our services are applicable to the whole spectrum of entrepreneurship that is to large, medium and small sized legal entities in Greece and abroad. We also serve personals with material wealth and assets.

See the relevant case studies section for selected projects and services rendered with success.

Consulting Services - Tax Law Advisory Services - Accounting Services

  • tax & accounting advisory
    Tax law continues to increase in amount and complexity; the stake for each business rises; tax advisory is more and more important as risk must be mitigated, opportunities must be seized and critical decisions must be made and implemented.
  • business performance
    Global operations and changing environments demand competitive advantage. Competitive advantage is linked with innovation and early adoption. Business models are to be constantly monitored and amended to maintain or achieve new win strategies.
  • valuation
    Companies, private equity funds, strategic shareholders, various investors and sundry parties deal with financial information that has been recorded at fair value and often are subject to periodic re-measurement and/or impairment.
  • turnaround & restructuring
    Close project work with management of troubled or underperforming companies or underperforming divisions while in crisis, we help develop strategic business plans to address challenges and opportunities and build on core strengths.

I. Kogkalidis & Associates - consulting

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