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Tax & Accounting Advisory

Tax law continues to increase in amount and complexity; the stake for each business rises; tax advisory is more and more important as risk must be mitigated, opportunities must be seized and critical decisions must be made and implemented.

We are a privately held professional services firm that provides objective, independent, documented, responsive and correct tax advice. It is your advantage that our firm does not offer audit services: we and our clients spend no time clearing independence issues, a time consuming process that reduces effective and responsive client service; our focus is on you.

Our tax professionals have a distinguished track record for working with major companies and their investors to address complex tax issues both locally and globally. We have a strong accounting background in Greek GAAP, IFRS, Greek, Cypriot, UK and German/Swiss accounting principles and tax legislation. We monitor changes in the accounting standards and principles and in tax regulations.

Description of the Greek Tax Environment

Businesses operating in Greece in their daily activity come across many tax and associated legal problems, mainly because of the frequent amendments in the tax legislation as well as the ambiguities of the relevant tax provision as they evolve through time.

All entities in Greece are obliged to maintain their accounting books and records in accordance with the detailed, bureaucratic and often ambiguous provision of the "Books and Records Code". The regulations included in this Code extend to detailed procedures pertaining to the day-to-day transactions.

The consequences of a company's failure to fully comply with certain principal regulations specified by the "Books and Records Code" and / or the Income, VAT and other tax legislation can be extremely serious.

You are here: services tax & accounting advisory