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Companies, private equity funds, strategic shareholders, various investors and sundry parties deal with financial information that has been recorded at fair value and often are subject to periodic re-measurement and/or impairment.

The complexity of fair value measurement increases as fair value takes root in financial reporting and contractual arrangements among buyers, sellers, customers, vendors and employees. Routine business transactions often now require the computation of fair value as do strategic investment decisions.

We have a strong accounting background in Greek GAAP, IFRS, Greek, Cypriot, UK and German/Swiss accounting principles and tax legislation, as well as a deep grounding in core valuation concepts. We monitor changes in the accounting standards and principles and in tax regulations with valuation implications. We comprehend complex topics from an extensive experience across a wide range of industries.

We have developed our in-house iKO-400 module innovative tool for company valuations. Please see take a look at the related section to see how it works and what it can achieve as well as its specific detail information.

You are here: services valuation