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Case Studies

regal petrolium
kavala oil
Financial due diligence and negotiations on the side of the seller achieving the 100% acquisition of the Greek mother-company "EUROTECH SERVICES LTD" and its 66,66% subsidiary "ΚΑVALA OIL LTD Hydrocarbons explorations and production" by the UK AIM listed "REGAL PETROLEUM PLC" (2003) with a consideration of some 6m euros with a total FDI in Greece at approx. 80m euros.
VAT representative of the UK AIM listed company "REGAL PETROLEUM PLC" (2003-2006) in the field of hydrocarbon exploration and production, the German company "ITAG TIEFBOHR" in the machinery rental for oil explorations (2001-2006).
Participation in the tax planning and formation of SPVs in the UK / AIM listed "STREAM PERTROLEUM LTD" in the sector of hydrocarbon exploration (2006) for handling foreign assets.
Split of the Greek company "KOUTLA BROS, KAOIL LTD" in a 50%-50% shareholders dead-end in the sector of gasoline, oil and lubricants re-selling, with an annual turnover of approx. 160m euros and with an existing distribution channel of some 240 points at the time of the split in Northern Greece (2007-2008), total value of split assets some 15m euros.
bitoumina asphalts and oil products
Management accounting planning and consulting for ERP Atlantis management accounting software compliance with Greek "Code of Books & Records" in the Greek company "ΒΙΤΟΥΜΙΝΑ LTD" in N.Greece, Thessaloniki area, in the sector of asphalts and oil products reselling at annual turnover around 25m euros (2005-2006).
Consulting project for establishing new company at the sector of asphalts in Poland and Cyprus for BM BITOUMINOUS MIXTURES SA.
Project for the preparation and the implementation of the business plan for the newly established company BM BITOUMINOUS MIXTURES SA in the asphalt industry in N. Greece (Thessaloniki), with the use of the innovative tool iKO-300.
dhi direct hair implantation
Tax advisory and planning and accounting and tax reporting of "DHI Medical Group" , in the hair transplant sector, with 4 Greek companies, 5 Cypriot, 1 UK / London based, 1 Irish, 1 Russian / Moscow, 1 US / California based. Annual combined turnover of approx. 12m euros and 3m euros profits and 100 employees (Group figures).
Seminars to a group of 12-15 employees in the Accounts departments of the mother company "BIOIATRIKI LTD" and its 6 subsidiary companies, in the sector pet scans, diagnostics, blood tests, etc tests in Athens & Thessaloniki and 3 private hospitals / clinics in Athens, Pireaus, Thessaloniki, in IFRS and transition from Greek GAAP to IFRS (2005), with the use of the innovative tool iKO-200. ΙFRS first transition (2004-2006) and IFRS annual reporting of the Group of "BIOIATRIKI LTD" (2007), (2008) of annual turnover approx 100m euros, 20m euros profit and 1.200 employees (Group figures).
Financial due diligence and negotiations achieving the acquisition of a 40% shareholding of the Greek company "DELLAS TSAKANIKAS LTΕ" from the Greek listed in Athens Stock Exchange Company "ΚREKA LTD" (2002) in the sector of meat & meat products.
NBGI Ventures
Book-keeping, accounting, tax advisory, reporting and payroll services in a number of SPVs of NBGI VENTURES and NBG PRIVATE EQUITY (National Bank of Greece Group) (2005-2009) having led to series of acquisitions such as "DODONI ICECREAMS LTD", "AKTO GRAPHICS AND DESIGN SCHOOL LTD".
bms insurance and reinsurance brokers
Specialized tax services for an Insurance & Reinsurance Brokers company.
Valuation project of the Insurance Cooperative Brokers General Pan-Hellenic SYN.PE as at 31/12/2008, with the use of the innovative tool iKO-400. The market share in which the General Pan-Hellenic is adressed is exclusively holders of tourist buses. Annual turnover of around 4 million Euros and market share in domestic meet 50%.
Financial due diligence and negotiations on the side of the seller achieving the acquisition of the 100% of the Greek company "ΕNERTEC LTD" by the Greek Athens Stock Exchange listed company "DELTA PROJECT LTD" in the renewable energy (wind power) sector (2005-2006), at a consideration of approx. 1,5m euros.
Accounting services and Intercompany Reporting to the parent company (Germany), publicly traded, Systaic AG.
  • Undertaking new project of specialized accounting services, preparation of interim and annual reports according to the provisions of Presidential Decree 350/1985 for the company MERMERN KOMBINAT A.D. PRILEP, participation of NBGI PRIVATE EQUITY. The company which has a GDR issue listed on the Athens Stock Exchange is a world leader in the production of white marble and is based in Prilep Skopje. The annual turnover is around 15 million Euros and profit before taxes of around 3 million Euros.
vasily marmor elith
michelakis marble s.a.
lazaridis marmor
FHL kiriakidis group
fillipides marbles of thasos
  • Consulting services on accounting, tax and company's act issues (due diligence and involvement in negotiations) for the acquisition in Greece and abroad (FYROM, Romania) by Greek companies
  • Consulting services for companies' financing requests & presentations
  • Market research in local level in countries of Middle East, N. Africa, S.E. Asia and China
  • International business & export-import consulting (tax advisory included) in countries of Middle East, N. Africa, and S.E. Asia & China until final signing of contracts
  • Accounting services
  • Cost accounting design and audit
cirrus aviation
marlon hellas
rita pateroni
Numerous accounting and tax services and consulting services for a number of companies, some are listed above.
Tax advisory services for numerous personals in Greece and abroad namely UK and Germany holding valued wealth in various forms from stock portfolio in listed stocks all around the major stock exchanges, to ships, land property, etc (2000-2009).
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